How to: temporary Sasuke Curse Tattoo

Get the supplies below

  • Sunnyscopa Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper for LASER printer - US LETTER SIZE 8.5"X11", 5 SHEETS - DIY Personalized Image Transfer Sheet for skin - Custom Waterslide Decal Stencil Henna
    PERSONALIZED tattoo with your own design. Temporary tattoo looks real and professionally done. EASY AND FAST - Process only takes a few minutes to complete. Use office laser printer to print, spray coat, wet and mount. TEMPORARY tattoo that lasts longer if left untouched! To remove, dab a cotton ball with baby oil and gently rub. SAFE to use on skin. Adhesive sheets are in compliance with relevant safety regulations. Close to 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in manufacturing quality decal paper since 1990.
    13.99 $