• Perfect Aire 10,000 BTU 115-Volt Flat Panel Energy Star Window Air Conditioner, Full-Function Remote, Installation Kit, 450 sq. ft.
    POWERFUL COOLING FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE ROOMS: Sleek, flat panel 12,000 BTU window-mounted electronic air conditioner effectively cools areas up to 550 sq. ft. Best for medium to large spaces like bedrooms, dorms and sunrooms, or for supplemental cooling on a hot summer day. QUICK, EASY INSTALLATION: Electronic window AC comes with washable filter, window mounting kit (expandable accordion panels, top rail, hardware, window seal foam), and easy-read manual to help during installation. Screwdriver required. Accommodates vertical sliding, double-hung windows 23” – 36” wide with a minimum height of 15.5”. CONVENIENT CONTROLS: Soft-touch electronic controls with LED digital display put you in control of your comfort with adjustable temperature settings, full-range air direction control and three speeds for both fan and cool modes. Includes remote control with Follow Me thermostat function for total room coverage. ECO-FRIENDLY FILTER & REFRIGERANT: Energy Star AC features a reusable filter, just remove the slide-out air filter and wash with soap and water — no need to re-buy or replace. This AC also features premium R32, an energy efficient, environmentally-friendly and safe refrigerant. IMPORTANT: To ensure the proper functioning of your new air conditioner, please allow the unit to stand in an upright for position for at least 24 hours before operating. Although we remind our shipping partners about the importance of keeping these units in their upright position, mistakes happen, and units may be shipped in improper positions. If you do not sit your unit in the upright position for 24 hours before operation, this will seriously affect the capability of the compressor and ultimately the production of cold air.
  • Rectangular Permanent Split Capacitor Blower | Replaces: Dayton 1TDR9, 4C264, 4C448 and Fasco B45267, 7063-5176
    Replaces Dayton 1TDR9, 4C264, 4C448 Replaces Fasco B45267, 7063-5176 463 CFM, 1600 RPM, 1.28 AMPS, 115 Volts 60/50hz Wheel Diameter 5 1/4 Inches, Wheel Width 6 7/8 Inches Not recommended for speed control
  • Dayton 1TDP5 Square Permanent Split Capacitor OEM Specialty Blower
    115 voltage Note: not for use with speed controllers Includes: discharge mounting flange Ul recognized us and canada (E47479), ce
  • HA-413 Replacement for COMFORT-AIRE Air Conditioner Remote Control 6711A20066C Works For RAD-101A RAD-121A RAD-123A RAD-141-5 RAD-141A RAD-61A RAD-81A RAD-81C RADS-101A RADS-81B REG-123A REG-71A
    works for COMFORT-AIRE Air Conditioner Models: BD-123 BG-123A RAD-141A BD-81 BG-81A RAD-61A BG-101A LXC103BLMK1 RAD-81A BG-123A RAD-101B RAD-81C BG-123B RAD-121B RADS-101A BG-81A RAD-183B RADS-81B BGE-103A RADS-121A REG-123A BGE-123A RADS-151A REG-71A CD-101 RADS-253A RAD-183A CD-101-5 XV-4378 RAD-243A CD-121 RAD-101A REG-183A CD-81 RAD-121A REG-243A CD-81-5 RAD-123A RADS-51B BG-101A RAD-141-5 RADS-51C This replacement has COMFORT-AIRE basic functions: POWER/ TEMP/ FAN SPEED/ TIMER(Optional)/ MODE/ ENERGY SAVER(Optional)/ AUTO SWING(Optional). The optional functions are only available when your air conditioner has these functions. NO battery inclueded Please verify that this is the correct model for your unit prior to ordering.
    15.81 $
  • Duct Outlet Adjustable Volume Damper Kit HVAC (5")
    Adjustable Volume Damper Kit HVAC 26 Gauge Galvanized Metal High Quality Galvanized Sheet Metal Very Versatile
    12.60 $
  • Replacement Friedrich Air Conditioner Remote Control AKB73456118 AKB73456119 AKB73975604 AKB73975603 Work for M09CJ M09YJ M12CJ M12YJ MW09C1J MW09Y3J MW12C1J MW12Y3J M18CJ M24CJ MW18C3J MW24C3J HM12YJ
    Supplied With Models:M09CJ M09YJ M12CJ M12YJ MW09C1J MW09Y3J MW12C1J MW12Y3J M18CJ M24CJ MW18C3J MW24C3J HM12YJ M18YJ M24YJ M30YJ M36YJ MW18Y3J MW24Y3J MW30Y3J MW36Y3J MWH12Y3J Compatible for AKB73456118 AKB73456119 AKB73975604 AKB73975603 No battery included Display in Both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    15.98 $
  • CHOUBENBEN Replacement for Mitsubishi Electric E12N38426 Air Conditioner Remote Control (MP14A) MSZ-HE09NA MSZ-HE12NA MSZ-HE15NA MSZ-HE18NA MSZ-HE24NA
    Display in Fahrenheit ONLY!!! Display in Fahrenheit ONLY!!! No battery included (Battery Type: AAA 1.5V )
    18.98 $
  • Replace Danby Air Conditioner Remote Control R15B (R15A R15C) Works for DAC6010E DAC6011E DAC8010E DAC8011E DAC10010E DAC10011E DAC12010E DAC12011E DAC5200DB DAC060EB2GDB DAC080EB2GDB DAC100EB2GDB
    Replacement for Danby Air Conditioner Remote Control R15B THIS "R15B" REPLACEMENT ALSO CAN SUBSTITUTES FOR "R15A" &"R15C", BUT IT DON'T HAVE "CLEAN AIR" AND "SWING" FUNCTION ,IF YOU DON'T MIND THESE TWO FUNCTIONS, YOU CAN BUY IT. NO battery inclueded. Please verify that this is the correct model for your unit prior to ordering.
    18.97 $
  • Broan ERV140TE Energy Recovery Ventilator, 120V Ultra-Efficient for 6" Ducts - 140 CFM Max
    High performance ECM motors provide significant energy consumption savings 4 settings accommodate ventilation requirements from 80 CFM to 140 CFM ERV Core absorbs both heat and moisture from the air streams passing through it (without mixing), making it the perfect solution for drier homes in heating season and air conditioned homes in the cooling season Compact footprint allows an easy fit in restricted spaces 6" metal ports located on top of unit simplify installation and provide a cleaner app
  • Round Permanent Split Capacitor 3.3 Inch Blower | Replaces Dayton 1TDN7, 1C180, 4C440 & Replaces Fasco 50747-D401, 71213466
    Replaces Dayton 1TDN7, 1C180, 4C440 Replaces Fasco 50747-D401, 71213466 115V, 50/60Hz, 1/125HP, 3000 RPM, 115V, 50/60Hz, 0.50/0.45 Amps UL recognized and CSA certified for quality assurance
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