From A to Z: Sasuke perler beads for sakura confesses to sasuke | Evaluation

  • Perler Beads Large Square Pegboards for Kids Crafts, 4 pcs
    Includes (4) large square Perler pegboards, (1) sheet of reusable ironing paper, and (1) set of easy to follow instructions. Perler pegboard set comes with 4 interlocking square pegboards, perfect for large Perler projects! These 29 x 29 bead Perler pegboards easily snap together to create an extra large square pegboard that holds up to 3,364 Perler beads! Complete your extra large Perler fuse bead crafts with ironing paper and a household iron, then keep your craft forever! Perler pegboards are reusable. Large square Perler pegboards measure 5.7'' x 5.7'' individually and 11.4'' x 11.4'' when connected. Simply place large square patterns under the clear pegboard and follow the color of the beads Each pegboard holds 841 beads Interlocking design to create larger surface
  • Great Eastern Entertainment 36696 Naruto Shippuden SD Sasuke PVC Keychain, Multi-Colored, 2"
    Fully licensed Quality materials Collectable designs Made in China
  • Perler Bead Bag, Bundle of Black and White
    1000 white Perler beads 1000 black Perler beads
  • Funko POP Anime: Naruto Sasuke Action Figure
    From the hit anime Naruto, Sasuke, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Stylized collectable stands 3 3/4 inches tall, perfect for any Naruto fan! Collect and display all Naruto and anime Pop! Vinyls!
    13.90 $ 14.90 $ -7%
  • Perler Beads Bulk Assorted Multicolor Fuse Beads for Kids Crafts, 22000 pcs
    Includes (22000) assorted Perler fuse beads and reusable ironing paper in 1 plastic storage jar. This mega set of 22,000 Perler fuse beads comes with 30 different colors, including parrot green, raspberry, cheddar, and hot coral! This multi-color Perler bead activity set is the perfect way to start your Perler bead collection! These assorted Perler beads are a great arts and crafts activity for children. Use Perler pegboards, ironing paper, and an iron to complete your craft! Assorted Perler beads suitable for ages 6 and up.
    19.99 $ 25.79 $ -22%
  • Perler Beads Assorted Fuse Beads Tray for Kids Crafts with Perler Bead Pattern Book, 4001 pcs
    2-pack is the (1) plastic storage tray and the (1) Perler pattern book. Also comes with (4000) Perler beads This pre-sorted Perler bead set includes 16 fuse bead colors: pink, magenta, red, cheddar, neon orange, yellow, light green, kiwi lime, parrot green, light blue, neon blue, plum, purple glitter, light brown, black, and white. Use the included Perler bead pattern idea book for inspiration, or get creative and make your own Perler bead designs! With 16 varieties of Perler beads, this bead tray is a great way to kickstart your Perler bead collection! Use Perler pegboards and reusable ironing paper to complete your craft. Assorted Perler fuse beads suitable for ages 6 and up.
    11.99 $
  • Perler Beads Fuse Beads for Crafts, 6000pcs, White
    Includes (6000) white fuse beads. These white Perler beads are an essential part of any Perler bead set! Use your white fuse beads with a pre-made Perler bead design or get creative and make your own! Use ironing paper, an iron, and a Perler pegboard to complete your craft! White Perler beads suitable for ages 6 and up.
    9.99 $
  • Perler 80-22841 Beads Super Mario Bros 3 Fuse Bead Pattern Pad, 14pgs
    Includes (14) double-sided pages with 61 different Super Mario Perler bead patterns. Use the Super Mario Perler bead patterns to create your favorite Nintendo icons, including question boxes, goombas, and turtle shells! Use clear Perler pegboards to follow along with the patterns--they're actual size! Use the easy-to-follow instructions as a guide, or merely inspiration for your own designs. The possibilities are endless! Perler Bead Pattern Pad does not include Perler beads, Perler pegboards, or ironing paper.
    6.90 $ 10.99 $ -37%
  • Perler Beads Fuse Beads for Crafts, 1000 pcs, Sand
    Includes (1000) Sand Perler fuse beads These Sand Perler beads are an essential part of any Perler bead set! SAnd colored beads for arts and crafts for kids Sand Perler beads make a fun and easy arts and crafts activity for children! Use Perler pegboards, ironing paper, and an iron to complete your craft. Sand Perler beads are suitable for ages 6 and up.
  • Perler Beads Biggie Beads Fuse Bead Activity Kit for Kids Crafts, 1200 pcs
    Includes (1200) Perler Biggie beads and ironing instructions. Perler Biggie Beads are larger than standard Perler beads, and perfect for little hands! This easy kid's craft helps teach young children to identify colors and develop their fine motor skills! Perler Biggie Bead bucket includes 8 fuse bead colors: magenta, orange, cheddar, kiwi lime, light blue, purple, black, and white. Perler Biggie Beads kid's activity kit suitable for ages 4 and up.
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